6. Stand Team Briefing

The most beautiful exhibition stand alone is no use without your stand staff.
The appropriate action and reaction to visitor contact of your stand team is a decisive success factor for your entire trade fair appearance. This is best conveyed in a staff briefing with all important information, such as trade fair goals, message and target groups.

We will be happy to assist you in preparing your stand team for a successful implementation of your event objectives.

Whitepaper Briefing the Stand Team
7. Communicating on the Stand

The trade show is your communication platform.
Your corporate values, your goals and your image are to be conveyed to visitors by your stand staff. Make sure that your aspirations and actual reality at the fair match.

We will be happy to optimally prepare your stand team for the communication challenges of the fair.

Whitepaper behaviour and communication at the stand
Checklist behaviour and communication at the stand
Checklist Stand Organisation
8. Lead Management

The follow-up process starts already during the trade fair.
One of the key points here is the comprehensive recording of contact data and meeting notes of all visitor interaction.

We will be happy to assist you with creating a professional interview sheet and digitalization of all meeting data.

example lead sheet
Checklist Lead Management