General Questions about the trainings

Is the participation in the training sessions really free?
Participation in all training options of our Your Key to Trade Fair Success is free of charge for registered exhibitors of the respective trade fair. The fee is borne by the exhibition management, as part of an effort to offer exhibitors assistance in their trade fair planning.

Are these training courses promotional events?
No, only neutral content is taught during the training by an independent presenter, designed to generate added value for the exhibitors.

Who can participate in the training?
Every exhibitor of trade fairs that include the Your Key to Trade Fair Success initiative can take part in the training sessions free of charge.

Can exhibitors who do not build their stand with MEPLAN also take part in the training courses?
Of course, exhibitors with other booth builders may also participate in the training. Participation is not tied to MEPLAN’s stand construction service.

Is the number of people per company who can participate in the training restricted?
One member of staff per company may participate in the workshops. However, if enough free seats are available, a second employee from the same company is welcome. In the webinars, any number of company employees may participate.

What’s the difference between workshops and webinars?
The hands-on, all-day exhibitor workshops provide you with tips and tricks to be considered in the implementation of a successful trade fair participation. The workshop content will be tailored to the main interests of participants; there is also opportunity for exchange with other exhibitors. The other option is to attend these training sessions conveniently at your workplace or via a mobile device: Around
30-minute webinars will cover the various topics of trade fair planning, implementation and follow-up on specific dates/times.

What are the training registration deadlines?
The registration deadline for workshops ends two weeks before the workshop date; for the webinars, you should register no later than two days before the actual date.

Until when can I cancel participation in the training?
Workshops can be canceled up to two weeks before the workshop date; for webinars, cancelation period ends seven days prior to the date.

Do participants obtain copies of the presentation material after the event?
Yes, after the training, the presentation material will be sent to participants by e-mail.

Special questions about webinars

What are the technical requirements for participation in the webinars?
It takes just a few minutes to download GoToWebinar for your PC or mobile phone and easily join in the session at your work desk or on your mobile device. Click here to review the technical requirements again in detail.

Are the webinars recorded?
No, as a rule, the training sessions will not be recorded.

Special questions about workshops

Will travel and accommodation costs be covered for the workshops?
No, costs incurred for the journey and accommodation during the workshops will not be covered.

Is catering provided during the workshops?
At the start of the workshop, a small breakfast with coffee, sandwiches and fruit is available free of charge. To provide some variety and get the circulation going, there will be a short walk to the trade-fair restaurant König Ludwig for lunch. In the afternoon, coffee and pastries will be served again. These expenses for meals will be borne by the project team.

Is the number of participants in the workshops limited?
The number of participants in the workshops is usually limited to 18 people. The “Stand Construction and Design” workshop is an exception and is limited to seven companies.

What is the difference between a basic and a professional workshop?
In a basic workshop, the focus is on addressing all important topics of preparation, implementation and follow-up in order to give exhibitors a good, comprehensive overview of all tasks involved in trade fair planning. The professional workshop covers fewer topics, however, individual contents are examined more thoroughly. The focus here is on discussions and the exchange of experience among attending exhibitors.

What are the contents of the workshop “Stand Construction and Design”?
In this workshop, participants will be given tips and trends around the subject of stand construction. It is possible to send in your stand building concept in advance and to receive feedback and optimization suggestions from experienced designers and architects during the workshop.

Do you have any questions? Please contact the MEPLAN CONSULT team directly: