1. Trade Fair Objectives

The entire planning of your trade fair appearance depends on your trade fair objectives.
The definition of your goals should be realistic, specific, measurable and for a finite time period. Integrate them in all of your internal and external communication. This will ensure clear and consistent trade fair communication, giving everyone involved a binding guideline for all trade fair activities.

2. Budget Planning

A realistic budget planning will enable you to create a solid foundation for your trade fair participation. For thorough budget planning, you can draw on a post-event calculation of past trade fair participations and the MEPLAN budget planner. Plan your budget early and consider all items such as stand space, stand construction, marketing, personnel, travel expenses and event follow-up expenditure.

3. Stand Planning

The ideal stand concept is based on your defined trade fair objectives.
It should include a clearly formulated trade fair message and represent your company to the best advantage at the show. Often, less is more. When planning your stand, it is important to consider both the functional and the emotional levels.

4. Visitor Invitation

The time trade fair visitors have available is limited.
It is therefore all the more important to attract attention in advance of the event itself. Create incentives for a stand visit and fix concrete appointments. Multi-level and cross-media invitation campaigns generate a lot of attention.

5. Visitor Marketing

Include the announcement of your participation in the trade fair in your entire communications.
Perfect vehicles are e-mail boilerplates, website, ads or newsletters. However, do not miss to notify your presence in the communication media of the organizer, e.g. in the catalog, on the exhibition website or on site with booked advertising space.